2 men on a motorcycle rob a gas station in Chon Buri

Police are on the lookout for two opportunist thieves who robbed a gas station in Chon Buri yesterday.

The two men arrived at the PTT gas station. No. 114/22, Village No. 2, Nong Samsak Sub-district, in the Ban Bueng subdistrict on a motorbike wearing full-face helmets and robbed about 6,000 baht in cash before fleeing the scene.

Pol. Lt. Col. Ekachai Pakwat, the chief investigator of the Ban Bueng Police Station, arrived at the gas station at about 5.30am.

2 men on a motorcycle rob a gas station in Chon Buri | News by Thaiger

The Burmese pump attendant working at the garage told Pol. Lt. Col. Ekachai that the thieves weren’t armed but roughed him up in the process of the robbery, dragging him to the cash register and demanding he opened it. The pump attendant admitted he was afraid he would be hurt so escaped their clutches as the two men robbed the cash till.

Pol. Lt. Col. Ekachai also questioned Suwan Onthum, 35, a truck driver, who witnessed the incident.

Suwan said…

“I saw the two men but thought they were friends of the pump boy and were teasing him so I wasn’t worried about anything. It wasn’t until later that I realised they were villains who came in and hijacked the money.”

Pol. Lt. Col. Ekachai reported he would use CCTV footage to track down the suspects’ motorcycle and hoped to prosecute the men involved very soon.

SOURCE: Nation TV  Pattaya News


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