21 Thai fraud gangsters caught in Cambodia, will be deported back home

A joint team of Thai and Cambodian police caught 21 Thai fraud gangsters in Cambodia who allegedly tricked Thais into investing in fake digital assets. The 21 people are part of three different gangs headed by Chinese nationals. The director of the Police Cyber Task Force says one gang stayed in a hotel, and tricked Thais into investing in fake digital assets. He said the damages are worth 200 million baht. The team caught the second gang in a building across the street from a casino. This gang conducted phone scams, which caused 300 million baht worth of damage.

They found the third gang in a Chinatown GM office. This gang tricked people, mostly Thais, into fake investments. This created 500 million baht worth of damage. The director said the government and national police chief are talking more about cracking down on scam gangs. Scams are not unheard of in Thailand, among Thais and foreigners alike. Two weeks ago, scammers pretending to be police targeted a Swiss man in Phuket, and bullied him into giving them 57,000 baht, accusing him of getting money illegally.

The 21 Thai suspects caught in Cambodia face charges of illegal assembly, colluding in transnational crime, and related charges. Cambodian authorities work to find the remaining suspects.


SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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