A second Russian man with Covid-19 missing from Phuket hotel

A Russian man who tested positive for Covid-19 is being sought after disappearing from his hotel room and not returning yet. Wait! Don’t click away! This isn’t a story about the Russian man who was the subject of a manhunt Thursday and Friday. This is another very similar incident and police are still searching for the missing Covid-19 infected man.

Anton Tikhomirov arrive in Thailand under the Phuket Sandbox scheme on January 3. The 29 year old man from Moscow travelled from the airport to his approved and confirmed SHA+ hotel – Sunwing Kamala Beach Resort – to begin his Sandbox soft quarantine period.

On January 8, the Russian man tested positive for Covid-19 and was placed in isolation but allowed to stay in his hotel room rather than move to a medical facility. He was supposed to quarantine for at least 10 days, but on his seventh day yesterday, he left his Kamala resort against the restrictions of his Covid-19 isolation.

The hotel reported to the Kamala Police station that the Russian man had left the hotel yesterday morning. As of this afternoon, Anton still had not returned to his pool-facing studio hotel room at the resort.

Police are now searching for the escaped Covid-19 patient and are asking anyone that spots the Russian man to call a hotline or to the Kamala Police Station directly to share any information about his whereabouts. Anyone who comes in close contact with him should also get tested for Covid-19.

The hotline number is 098-010-8322 or the main number for the police station is 076-385310.

Sometimes it seems like, in Thailand, people never learn from their mistakes. In the coming hours or days, we’ll find out whether we should be saying that about the Russian man with Covid-19 who disappeared from his hotel room, the hotel for not doing due diligence to confirm he was, in fact, gone, or the authorities for launching a full public search for the man.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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