AFLW Round 6 teams: Daisy Pearce on hot weather policy, all the ins and outs, expert tips and news

It’s set to be scorcher around the country on Sunday but the AFLW has decided against shifting the start times of three games. It hasn’t gone down well. Plus teams and tips.

AFL Women’s players are expected to play in sweltering heat on Sunday after the league opted against changing game times.

The forecast in Melbourne is for 34C at 1.10pm when St Kilda takes on Brisbane, Perth is tipped to reach 34C for West Coast’s 3.10pm clash with Collingwood, while Adelaide is expected to be 33C at 5.10pm when the Crows tackle the Western Bulldogs at 5.10pm.

St Kilda, which is set to liaise further with the league on Friday in relation to the match, intends to use water mist fans on the sideline of Trevor Barker Oval in Sandringham, in a bid to combat the extreme conditions.

Under the league’s heat policy — which is in place for the entire AFLW season — teams can also employ extra water carriers. Extended breaks can also be implemented to allow players more recovery time between quarters.

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Collingwood coach Steve Symonds — who will travel to Perth in a fly-in fly-out arrangement approved by the Western Australian government — conceded that the blistering conditions are “not ideal” for players.

“It’s not ideal for any athletes doing that,” he said on SEN.

“We also train in those conditions as well … we’re smart about our training (times).

“We’re asking a lot of it. The grounds are a little bit harder.”

He suggested that summer evenings could be a prime timeslot that AFLW could capitalise on and “specialise in”.

The league said it continued to monitor weather, and maintained that “the health and safety of everyone remains paramount”.

“Specifically for the 2022 AFLW competition, at all matches there are additional water carriers, extended breaks, an increase to the number of team trainers and unlimited bench rotations,” it said.

Melbourne star Daisy Pearce spoke last week about the “horrendous” nature of playing in such hot weather and admitted it was something she lost sleep over in the lead-up to games.

“It’s horrendous, I won’t mince my words,” she told 3AW recently.

“You have to convince yourself that it’s fine. You know it what it’s like – you can’t concede that its going to be tough, the opposition is in the same conditions, all that.

“I lose sleep over it.

“When you run out on a 35 degree day and it’s humid, it is a tough game to play over the course of a couple of hours. It’s what we have to deal with at the moment … but it’s tough going.

“From a player comfort point of view – give me a 15 degree rainy Melbourne day any time.”

The AFL Players’ Association has also previously expressed concerns to the league about players returning after recovering from Covid and being required to play off short breaks to get matches completed.


Gold Coast v Geelong

Friday, Metricon Stadium, 6.10pm


B: Saad, Ahrens

HB: D’Arcy, Dunn, Keaney

C: Watson, Drennan, Hammond

HF: Hampson, Surman, Whitfort

F: Bohanna, Dupuy

Foll: Bella, Rowbottom, Stanton

Inter: Heslop, Danckert, Groves-Little, Yorston, Perkins

Em: Randell, Perry

In: Dupuy, Groves-Little

Out: Howarth (Injured), Perry (Omitted)


B: McMahon, Keryk

HB: Emonson, McDonald, Rankin

C: Morrison, Prespakis, Van De Heuvel

HF: Crockett-Grills, McWilliams, Kearns

F: Scheer, Darby

Foll: Caris, Webster, McDonald

Inter: Friswell, Featherston, Maguire, Gardiner, Ivey

Em: Clarke, Higgins

In: Caris, Maguire, Gardiner

Out: Johnson (injured), Fuller (omitted), Moloney (suspension)

Saturday, February 12

Richmond v North Melbourne

Swinburne Centre, 2.10pm AEDT


B: S.D’Arcy 12 R.Miller 15

HB: A.Makur Chuot 34 J.Hosking 11 K.Dempsey 19

C: T.Lavey 37 S.Hosking 7 M.Shevlin 35

HF: B.Lynch 32 M.Brancatisano 5 E.Yassir 27

F: E.McKenzie 22 G.Seymour 28

Foll: P.Kelly 14 K.Brennan C 3 M.Conti 4

I/C: S.Sansonetti 18 T.Stahl 24 M.Kiely 31 M.Macdonald 38 K.Jacques 10

Emerg: S.Molan 1 S.Dargan 17

In: A.Makur Chuot, M.Kiely

Out: L.McClelland (injured), H.Burchell (injured)


B: J.Ferguson 20 S.Wright 17

HB: B.Brown 36 E.Kearney C 9 A.Gilroy 8

C: N.Bresnehan 12 J.Bruton 35 I.Eddey 3

HF: A.O’Loughlin 6 E.King 60 E.Gavalas 22

F: T.Randall 16 S.Abbatangelo 1

Foll: K.Rennie 26 J.Garner 25 A.Riddell 7

I/C: D.Bateman 11 D.Bannister 2 M.King 23 A.Smith 15 J.Duffin 27

Emerg: T.Craven 5 G.Campbell 43

No changes

Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney

Casey Fields, 4.10pm AEDT


B: L.Birch 9 G.Colvin 32

HB: S.Goldrick 23 S.Lampard 8 S.Heath 30

C: L.Mithen 14 T.Hanks 5 E.McNamara 22

HF: S.Scott 12 K.Hore 10 M.Fitzsimon 24

F: D.Pearce C 6 T.Harris 7

Foll: L.Pearce 15 K.Paxman 4 E.Zanker 29

I/C: L.Magee 26 E.West 11 M.Caris 21 J.Parry 19 A.Bannan 16

Emerg: B.Tarrant 20 A.Brown 28

In: T.Hanks

Out: C.Sherriff (injured)


B: J.Grierson 10 B.Stack 15

HB: A.Lister 14 P.Randall 21 T.Hetherington 9

C: E.Pease 33 A.Parker 3 K.Smith 4

HF: R.Privitelli 19 C.Staunton 13 J.Doyle 5

F: L.Stephenson 12 N.Barr 8

Foll: E.McKinnon 23 A.Eva C 2 K.Loynes 7

I/C: L.Graham 37 A.Dallaway 30 C.Dalton 11 H.Zreika 24 A.Morphett 22

Emerg: L.Steane 20 E.Lorenzini 25

In: P.Randall, R.Privitelli, K.Loynes, C.Dalton, H.Zreika

Out: E.Lorenzini (omitted), G.Fowler (omitted), B.Mowbray (omitted), C.Simmons (omitted), L.Steane (rested)

Fremantle v Carlton

Fremantle Oval, 3.10pm AWST


B: E.O’Driscoll 3 L.Pugh 32

HB: S.Verrier 5 A.Tighe 10 J.Low 30

C: E.Antonio 12 A.Stannett 4 S.Cain 20

HF: A.Runnalls 22 K.Antonio 15 R.Roux 17

F: G.Houghton 27 M.Tuhakaraina 13

Foll: M.Strom 21 H.Miller C 19 G.O’Sullivan 9

I/C: T.Toth 33 J.Stewart 7 M.Hyde 28 D.East 8 M.Morrison 11

Emerg: S.Wielstra 24 B.Webb 26

In: J.Stewart

Out: A.McMahon (omitted)


B: C.Wilson 20 P.Trudgeon 26

HB: J.Dal Pos 2 K.Harrington C 9 D.Walker 23

C: N.Plane 32 E.O’Dea 46 G.Pound 6

HF: G.Gee 19 N.Stevens 21 B.Walker 7

F: L.McEvoy 13 D.Vescio 3

Foll: B.Moody 16 M.Prespakis 4 A.McKay 5

I/C: M.Hill 10 V.Laloifi 8 J.Good 15 L.Brazzale 12 G.Egan 1

Emerg: A.Lee 11 C.Hammans 17

In: B.Moody, L.Brazzale

Out: C.Jones (HS protocol), B.Vickers (injured)

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