ATP and WTA launch unified app to deliver consistent experience for tennis fans

  • ATP and WTA have integrated marketing operations
  • App replaces separate services from both tours
  • New features could include streaming and gaming

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have launched a joint mobile application that the pair hope will become a centralised hub for fans of the sport and drive engagement.

ATP WTA Live will deliver official scores and results from both tours, along with behind-the-scenes content, stats, and breaking news. Fans will be able to personalise the application so they can see content and receive notifications about their favourite players.

The app replaces both the current ATP and WTA platforms and will be expanded in the future, with data visualisation, gaming and streaming all possibilities further down the road.

Nearly two thirds of web traffic on ATP and WTA digital channels comes from mobile, and the hope is that by creating a single application, ATP WTA Live can become a primary destination for tennis-related content.

The ATP and WTA are separate entities but have adopted a more collaborative approach in recent times, integrating their respective marketing operations. The ambition is to provide a more unified fan experience across both tours and the four Grand Slams, offering more consistent storytelling, driving engagement, and expanding reach.

“We’re one sport with the same fans,” Dan Ginger, senior vice president of brand and marketing at ATP and WTA told SportsPro. “ATP WTA Live has been launched to make it easier for fans to follow the tours in one app and is another step in the alignment between the ATP and WTA to create a more consistent premium product for our fans.

“We’ve seen a lot of early success and positive feedback from fans this past year with the Tennis United content series and cross collaboration on social media, further validating the strategic alignment between the tours.

“Our unified marketing strategy focuses on putting the fan first. There’s nothing like experiencing live tennis, but digital dominates the consumption of our sport. ATP WTA Live is another step in enhancing the digital experience for our fans and bringing the tours closer together than ever before.”

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