Barracuda blamed for biting child at Phuket beach

PHUKET: Local marine life experts suspect a barracuda bit an 8-year-old boy at Kamala Beach yesterday (May 1), inflicting serious wounds on the child.

The boy was bitten on his lower right leg, leaving large bite wounds that were bleeding profusely, reported Phuket Tourist Police.

Phuket Tourist Police named the child as Naphat Chaiyarak Khrystenko, a Thai child with a Ukrainian father.

Naphat had come to the beach to swim with his father, the officers explained.

The boy was swimming in the water in front of Kamala Police Station when he was bitten, the officers noted.

Rescue workers were called and performed first aid on Naphat before taking him to Bangkok Hospital Phuket for treatment as the wounds continued to bleed heavily.

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At last report Naphat had received the proper treatment and was recovering from his injuries.

After examining the wounds, doctors were informed that the animal that most likely inflicted the bite was a barracuda, Tourist Police reported.

One marine expert had explained that the wound was quite wide and that the barracuda was estimated to be 80-120cm long.

The barracuda was likely a female, and barracudas are currently in their breeding season, the marine life expert also said, according to police.

Tourists visiting the beach were urged to remain vigilant while swimming in the area, and to call for help if they are bitten.

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