Celebrity Thai couple charged over Forex-3D scam

A Thai celebrity couple is being charged over their role in a Forex-3D online Ponzi scheme. Thailand’s Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Pattanapon “DJ Man” Minthakhin and his wife, singer Suteewan “Baitoey” Thaweesin. They reported to the Department of Special Investigation yesterday to acknowledge the charges. The three charges include public fraud, putting false information into a computer system, and colluding to obtain loans to defraud. Both people denied all charges and said they would provide evidence to counter them.

Two other suspects are due to hear charges against them today but have requested the meeting to be postponed until tomorrow. The celebrity couple previously posted on Facebook stating that they had never persuaded anyone to invest in Forex-3D and noted that they were not listed as business partners in the company.

The DSI previously summoned the couple back in 2019 to clarify their connections to the man who is thought to be behind the scheme. That man, Apiruk Kothi, is accused of a multi-billion baht fraud. Forex 3-D allegedly claimed to be an online dealer in foreign exchange, flashy website and all, but was then unlisted and deemed a Ponzi scheme.

Actress Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadej, along with her mother and brother were indicted last month on charges of operating the scam. Both were denied bail as they stand accused of cheating thousands of people out of around two billion baht. The DSI has opened a channel for alleged victims of the scheme to file complaints. About 9,000 people have complained to the DSI.

Another popular TV actor has been identified as possibly being involved in the scam. However, the DSI says since no one has named him specifically, nor filed a complaint against him, he is remaining anonymous. A Facebook page that was created to gather victims’ names, claimed the anonymous actor had encouraged many people to invest in the scheme.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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