Concerns rise as search for missing German tourist intensifies

PHUKET: Concerns for the welfare of missing elderly German tourist Barbara Lange are starting to rise after efforts on the third day of the search failed to locate her. Ms Lange was last seen on Monday (May 9).

Search teams are continuing to scour the Mai Khao area, where Ms Lange, 75 years old (now confirmed by her passport), was last seen, Winai Sae-iew, Village Headman of Mai Khao Moo 4, confirmed agan today (May 13).

Officers have confirmed Ms Lange was walking along a small local road near Mai Khao Beach on Monday morning, he said.

“Ms Lange was heading towards the airport before walking back to the Maikhao Dream Hotel, where she was captured by a second camera on the beach,” Mr Winai said.

The search teams, which include police, national park officers, volunteers and local residents, continue to hold out hope of finding Ms Lange, but fears were rising that she may have come to harm, Mr Winai added.

Local people reported a foreigner sighted at Koh Pling, but have not been able to confirm whether it was Ms Lange, he said.

Ms Lange was found near Koh Pling, off Nai Yang Beach, on May 5 when she wandered away from her hotel and was later safely returned.

Reports by local officials have neglected to clarify Ms Lange’s competency of mind, though widespread reports in the Thai media have plainly reported that she suffers from Alzheimer’s, which in Thai language is often used to describe any form of dementia among the aged.

Search teams are continuing their efforts, Mr Winai said, in the hope of finding Ms Lange safe.

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