Crocodile rocks up on the dinner table in flooded Khon Kaen

Floods may be causing chaos in most parts of Thailand at the moment but to some residents in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen it is providing food for thought, or rather thoughts of food, crocodiles as food.

A number of residents in the Non Daeng sub-district, Non Sila district, urged farm owners to take greater care of their crocodiles after several escaped during the recent floods. The residents say they fear fishing just in case they get attacked by the semiaquatic reptiles. But there is no such fear for other members of the community who are killing and eating them.

Thai media interviewed 42 year old Daorung Jumklang who admitted to shooting a crocodile near his home in August and eating it.

Assistant Community Leader Panya Chamnarnmareing revealed his brother, Jarunan Chamnarnmareing, was another. He found a croc in his fish trap last Sunday, September 11.

The 54 year old Jarunan took it home and shared its meat with neighbours. Panya said the crocodile was about one metre long and provided them with about four kilograms of meat.

A reporter revealed a crocodile’s skin was drying in the sun outside of Panya’s house. Panya sprinkled some salt on the skin and intended to eat it later.

Residents made it known that several crocodiles have escaped from a farm about three kilometres away from the community. Some of the locals confessed they were scared and didn’t dare go fishing, especially at night in case they get attacked.

They revealed crocodiles have been known to attack residents who went fishing in the paddy fields and ponds at night.

SOURCE: Channel 3 | Channel 8


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