Fundraiser for survivor, funeral for victim of the attack on 2 British men

After a shocking stabbing attack in Kanchanaburi that left one British man dead and another severely wounded, an online fundraiser has begun to help pay the medical costs of the survivor. After being stabbed and left in critical condition, 55 year old Shaun Dagnan is still recovering from his wounds.

A crowdfunding campaign has been created on JustGiving to raise 5,000 British Pounds (about 224,000 baht) to assist in the expenses incurred by the attack. The site was started by Nicole Shaw and titled “Help Daggy in Thailand”, using his nickname.

“Our friend Shaun Dagnan was subjected to a horrific attack whilst on holiday in Thailand as seen on the national news. His friend was sadly killed during this attack so we’re very lucky to still have him with us after sustaining his very serious injuries. His travel insurance had lapsed due to an unexpected extended stay. While he is receiving some support from immigration and the British consulate this isn’t going to be a short process. We are trying to raise funds to help support with costs of medical expenses and recovery. Any donations and help will be greatly appreciated.”

Dagnan has now been released from the hospital and has returned to his home in Thailand according to his post on Facebook, but says he is still in bad shape and in pain. He also shared photos of the funeral ceremony for his friend, fellow British man Marcus Evans who did not survive the attack. Monks chanted while police officers attended the service.

Prior to the attack, the two British men had been playing loud music on a radio in front of their house after 3 am as they sat at a table drinking beers. They were surprised by a Thai man with a long sickle-shaped knife confronting them and attacking them. It is thought that the attack may have been provoked because the Thai man was upset by the loud music late at night.

Police found the suspect hiding in a room that belonged to a relative just across the street from the scene of the attack, a house that had been rented by the British men. He reportedly had a history of mental health issues, with hospital records for previous problems.


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