GoFundMe set up to help mum-of-two’s horror head injuries on Bali holiday

A mum’s selfless 7-minute trip to get a birthday present for her son while on holidays in Bali has ended in the most horrific of circumstances.

It was supposed to be the post-Covid family holiday Peta Richards had been dreaming of.

As a nurse working throughout the pandemic in Melbourne, Mrs Richards along with her husband Matt and their two young boys Sonny, 4, and Alfie, 3, made the long-awaited trip to their favourite destination, Bali.

But a decision made by Mrs Richards to pop out and get her son “one more birthday present” ended in tragedy in what has been described as a “worst case scenario” while being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Mrs Richards, an experienced motorbike rider with an international licence, ventured out for the 7-minute trip when tragedy struck.

“It’s difficult to get the actual details … she was alone when it happened and it was in Bali,” Mrs Richards close friend and GoFundMe organiser Rachel Berben told

“But we know she got taken out by another person on a scooter. She was taken to a hospital in Bali with no injury on her body and only to her head. Within 24 hours, she was transferred to the International Hospital in Kuta for eight days then put on an evacuation flight back to Melbourne where she is now in ICU at the Alfred hospital.”

Ms Berben, who formed a close friendship with Mrs Richards through a mother’s group in Geelong, said the trip has now “flipped” the nurse’s entire life upside down.

“She is heavily sedated and the situation is very much day by day,” Ms Berben explained.

“She remains heavily sedated in an induced coma on a ventilator. She now has every specialist team involved in her care and we know she is in the very best of hands. She will have an exceptionally long road to recovery with rehabilitation and at this stage we can only measure her progress on a day-to-day basis.

Ms Berben described her friend as the “most caring, kind, selfless person” imaginable who would, despite working long days treating Covid-19 patients, drop care packages off for friends who caught the virus during the pandemic.

Ms Berben’s GoFundMe page, which has raised more than $60,000 for ongoing costs associated with Mrs Richards’ recovery, said every little cent counts.

“We don’t know what life looks like in the next six months or a year or even beyond that,” Ms Berben said.

“Over the coming days, weeks and months Matt will need to not only take care of Peta, attend hospital appointments, cater, and accommodate to any changing needs while also looking after his boys.

“We are hoping this money can go towards anything the family need in the immediate future and go towards medical expenses to provide Peta with the best possible rehabilitation care to progress her recovery.”

Ms Richards fundraising page has been filled with warm messages or support.

“Such a beautiful niece. Peta keep fighting You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday,” her Aunty Deb wrote.

“I’ve known this beautiful girl since she was born. You are strong Peta and we love you and pray for your recovery,” close friend Lyn wrote.

“Thank you for the care you have given to others during the pandemic, now it’s you turn to be given something back,” another added.

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