Green baby turtles hatch on Surin Islands

PHUKET: Tourists and locals alike were treated to a procession of baby green turtles hatching and making their way to the sea yesterday (Apr 4) on the Surin Islands.

In total, 97 hatchlings successfully hatched and made their way into the water at the National Park Protection Unit 3, Ao Chong Khat in the Surin Islands National Park.

Park officials had kept vigilant watch on the nest after the mother had laid her eggs on the beach on Feb 6.

Yesterday morning, around 9:30am, the officials noticed that sand protecting the hatching hole had collapsed, signifying the baby turtles were preparing to hatch.

The park officials continued to monitor the situation until around 5:45pm when the sand further collapsed. The officials then wiped the sand from the entrance to the hatching hole to enable to baby turtles to make their way out into the wide world.

From the total of 128 eggs that had been laid, 97 successfully hatched and safely made their way to the sea, gleefully watched and photographed by local residents and tourists on the island.

Of the remaining eggs, officials confirmed that 29 were undeveloped and two had died during the hatching process. The eggs had a total incubation period of 58 days, they added.

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