Herbal remedies tested up to 96% effective against Covid-19

While Thailand is developing its own version of the Covid-19 fighting Molnupiravir pill, a more traditional treatment may also prove to be useful in fighting the pandemic. Thai herbal fever medication has been found, in a laboratory environment at least, to contain the Covid-19 virus according to research by the Department of Medical Sciences.

Studies of the properties of herbal medication from Thailand such as “Prasa Proh Yai” and “Ha Rak” have shown that they can help to contain the Delta variant of Covid-19. The director-general of the Department reported findings, saying that water-based versions of those 2 herbal medications both proved effective in controlling the virus.

Prasa Proh Yai extract at a concentration of 10 milligrammes per millilitre was able to control 76.56% of a Delta variant while combined with a 50% alcohol solution it was able to stop 88.7% of the Delta variant with a concentration level of 2.5 milligrammes per millilitre.

Ha Rak proved to be even more effective in the lab studies, where the same concentration of 10 milligrammes per millilitre was able to control 96.23% of the Delta variant. Such a strong effect against the Covid-19 virus is promising, opening the door to the possibilities of herbal treatments for infected patients.

Both of those herbal remedies are listed as fever treatment medications on the Ministry of Public Health list of herbal medicines. The director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences says that officials need to evaluate and approve the findings in the study before the herbal medication can be listed as possible Covid-19 treatments.

In their studies so far, they had evaluated antibody stimulation before the person was infected with Covid-19, use as a preventive measure against infection, and the safe use of the herbal medicines. The department plans to speed up other areas of study in hope of getting the herbal medications into safe use against Covid-19.


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