Independents put Australia ‘in an impossible position’ with net zero targets

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says the Independent candidates pushing for net zero emissions by 2050 would put Australia “in an impossible position”.

“The rest of the world is desperate for our energy, for our coal, for our gas; we should be doing more to supply that,” he said.

“The Independents can say what they like but what we know from Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party … if they come about, they will put in a form of carbon and mining taxes.”

Mr Canavan said although Labor had said they were not going to introduce these taxes, their climate policy will “require 19 iron ore mines over there in West Australia to buy carbon credits every year”.

“Which is a tax, carbon credits cost money, so they’re putting a tax over there on the iron ore mines over there in WA, nine goldmines similarly will be (given) this tax, it’s a mining tax,” he said.

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