Jordan De Goey misses Collingwood training after Bali video scandal, Kane Cornes slams AFL club

Jordan De Goey is still missing in action for Collingwood as the club faces some tough questions in the fallout of his ill-fated Bali trip.

Jordan De Goey has still not returned to training while Collingwood is being asked some tough questions as the fallout from their star forward’s trip to Bali rolls on.

The 26-year-old was handed a suspended fine of $25,000 on Tuesday — a punishment that was widely slammed as woefully inadequate — after footage emerged of him appearing to try and partially expose a woman’s breast while partying overseas during the bye round.

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De Goey wasn’t sighted at training at the start of the week and Collingwood told reporters on Wednesday morning he wouldn’t be at today’s main session either, sparking doubts about whether he will take the field against GWS on Sunday.

Collingwood confirmed on Tuesday it has parked contract talks with the talented player until the end of the season, after it was reported the Pies pulled a $3.2m offer because of the scandal.

De Goey won’t have to pay a cent of his suspended $25,000 fine if he stays out of trouble for the remainder of the season, leading pundits to accuse Collingwood of not backing up its strong words, after the club said it “strongly condemns” the star’s “disrespectful conduct”.

Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes questioned if Collingwood was reflecting on its own response to the situation, having repeatedly asked why the Pies would let De Goey go to Bali in his mid-season break given he has a history of off-field indiscretions.

“‘Disrespect to women can’t be tolerated and Jordan understands the significance of this’ … I would have thought probably four games and a $10,000 fine (was warranted),” Cornes told SEN SA Breakfast.

“And (he gets) nothing. He hasn’t been sanctioned. Let’s cut the c**p. There is no fine, there is no penalty. So how seriously have they taken it?

“I want to ask Collingwood: Have they reviewed their processes that allowed Jordan De Goey to get on the plane? You’ve got a player who has been diagnosed with a behavioural issue in December, and all the issues that have gone on with him in his past, and he has come to you at the halfway point of the season when you get four days off — it’s not three weeks, it’s four days — and he’s said he wants to go to Bali.

“I want them to go back and review their processes. There was no mention of that from (Collingwood CEO) Mark Anderson. No mention of the absolute failing of the Collingwood Football Club to allow a player with a behavioural issue and the past indiscretions that he’s got to go overseas.

“Has Collingwood sanctioned themselves for letting him go? They’re not blameless in all of this.”

Former Carlton and Brisbane star Brendan Fevola had his own off-field controversies during his playing days, and suggested De Goey needs to learn how quickly things can be taken away from him.

“I was in a similar situation back when I was playing footy, I didn’t really have the people around me,” Fevola told Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox with Fifi, Fev & Nick.

“I thought that I was better than anything else and it cost me my career.

“You are blessed to be playing footy and earning money that people would dream about earning. Go play footy for eight years, don’t go anywhere and if you go somewhere don’t tell anyone.

“You go to Bali, everyone knows you go there, it doesn’t matter if you stuff up or not. It’s going to come back and it’s going to look bad.

“When I left footy, I was not respected, I played good footy, my footy career is never talked about with any other gun forward because of my off-field antics and that’s my own fault, I have to deal with that.”

“I’d love to sit down (with De Goey) and say, ‘Mate, you can have everything gone like that!’

“I just think he needs to get himself around some people that help him, because he’s in the wrong circle.”

De Goey had earlier slammed the media for the storm that erupted over his trip, taking aim at “the relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes” to “create an uneducated, bias and ill-informed narrative that has gone too far”.

The woman alongside De Goey in the video, Remy Jackson, also spoke out in defence of him on social media on the weekend.

“Hey everyone, I can’t believe the backlash towards Jordy and myself over here in Bali … nothing to see here,” Jackson posted on her Instagram story.

However, the footy star showed more remorse in an apology on Tuesday.

“I unreservedly apologise to the Collingwood Football Club, its members, supporters and the wider community for my conduct in Bali and I accept full responsibility for my actions,” De Goey said.

“The actions shown in the video footage are disrespectful and I accept that I have betrayed the trust the club showed in me by allowing me to take my mid-season break overseas.

“I fully accept that as an AFL player, I have a unique leadership role in the community and with that role comes responsibility.

“My actions have fallen short of the standards expected of me as a person, as an AFL footballer and as a representative of the Collingwood Football Club.

“I had worked hard this year to establish trust and confidence in me to make better decisions and through no one’s fault but my own, I have undone that trust.”

De Goey also revealed he was recently diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and believes it is a contributing factor in the “mistake” he made.

“Late last year, I was diagnosed with ADHD and I am trying to become more aware of why I make mistakes that I do,” he said.

“I have again made a mistake – this is an ongoing journey for me – and I remain absolutely committed to changing.

“I will be seeking further support to take the appropriate and necessary steps to learn and improve as a person.

“Again, I apologise for my disrespectful conduct. I understand that I have let many people down and that I have much work to do to again rebuild trust.

“I am committed to making myself the best person I can be and I believe that the best chance I have to do that is in an environment where I have the support of my teammates and the club.”

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