Labor’s tolerance and ‘implicit endorsement’ of slurs ‘says a lot’ about them

Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker says the Labor Party is the “height of hypocrisy” after a Labor media staffer allegedly used a vile slur against her today.

“To be doing that in a way that is in the work environment of staff of this place when the Labor Party have just spent months going to town on the idea that they are somehow better than everybody else in the world when it comes to workplace culture is the height of hypocrisy,” Ms Stoker told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

She said she did not receive an apology from the staffer.

“I got a barely plausible denial, and what’s most troubling about it is that while one swear word was denied, the other swear word wasn’t – it was implicit in that a suggestion that either of them were fine.

“It was tolerated, implicitly endorsed, and then defended publicly – I think that says a lot about the real Labor Party.”

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