Large Queue in Kyiv for Warship Stamp as Half a Million Copies Sold in Five Days

A large queue extended through Kyiv’s Independence Square on April 18, as Ukrainians waited for a chance to get their hands on a copy of a new stamp of a Ukrainian soldier showing defiance to a Russian warship. The Ukrainian Postal Service announced on April 18 that of the one million copies of the stamp issued, half a million had been sold after only five days. It reported an envelope of the stamp was on sale for $1000 on Ebay. There are currently no plans to reprint the stamps. Due to the high demand, the post office is limiting sales to 30 stamps per person and cancelled all online orders. Suspilne News interviewed Kateryna, who queued for over three hours for the stamp, about why it was so important to her. “It’s our story. I take it for myself and for a souvenir, because people ask a lot. This is important for them, such a memorable moment. We want another stamp dedicated to the heroes of Mariupol. When they come out of these catacombs as heroes, we will also expect such a stamp, ” she said according to a translation by Google Translate. The stamp commemorates an incident at the start of the war when the Russian warship Moskva, demanded Ukrainian forces on Snake Island surrender. They refused and responded “Russian warship, go f*** yourself”, which became a symbol of Ukrainian defiance. The Moskva sank after Ukraine claims it was hit by a cruise missile on April 13,. Russia denies this and said it sank due to an unrelated fire and stormy weather conditions. Credit: Suspilne News via Storyful

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