Man drowns as longtail sinks near Coconut Island

PHUKET: One person died and another was rescued after a longtail boat capsised and sank on its way from Koh Maprao (Coconut Island) to Phuket yesterday afternoon (Feb 5). The body of the deseased has already been found, the survivor is recovering at Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Marine police were notified of the incident around 4.45pm. According to the report, a longtail boat with two men on board left Koh Maprao for Phuket with a load of steel. The boat was driven by Sompong Anukroh, 50, from Koh Kaew Subdistrict of Phuket. Also on board was Teeranan Chotian, 48, from Rassada.

Some 300 metres from Koh Maprao the boat capsised and both crew member found themselves in the water.

“I tried to wriggle out to take a breath until I drank several gulps of water. I saw my friend swimming on a paddle stick and saw a foreigner coming to help me try to cling to a water bottle until I was almost unconscious. After that I didn’t wake up until I found myself in a car and slept in the emergency room of Vachira Phuket Hospital,” Mr Sompong recalled.

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It took the search team until 7.45pm to locate the spot where the longtail sank. Mr Teeranan by that time was already dead, his body was found nearby and brought to Laem Hin Pier.

The officers on duty together with a forensic specialist examined the body and sent it to Vachira Phuket Hospital morgue

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