Man robs store twice, first with knife, then with sword

PHUKET: Police have arrested a man who robbed a small neighbourhood groceries shop in Wichit twice on the same night, first with a knife, then again with a sword.

Wichit Police were called to the shop, in Ao Nam Bor, Moo 7, Wichit, at around 1:20am yesterday (Sept 12).

Officers were told that a man with long hair who concealed his face entered the shop and threatened the staffer with a knife.

The staffer handed over all the money in the cash drawer, totalling B400, and the robber fled on a motorbike.

Later, around 4:40am, the same man returned to the store, this time brandishing a sword one metre long. He again threatened the staffer and this time made off with a further B500.

Wichit Police with assistance from Phuket Provincial Police managed to track down the man, who they identified only as “Mr Nikom”, 31. Police withheld the man’s family name.

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A warrant for Nikorn’s arrest was issued and officers moved in and arrested him at about 4:15pm yesterday, police reported.

Nikom was taken to Wichit Police Station to face charges “committing robbery at nighttime by using a vehicle”.

According to police, Nikorn robbed the shop the first time because he was unhappy with the person who worked there. Apparently they had a disagreement earlier.

The shop staffer was not particularly compliant when he robbed the shop the first time, so he returned to rob it a second time, this time with a more threatening weapon, police said.

When the staffer saw the sword, the staffer fled, leaving Nikorn to help himself to the cash drawer, police reported.

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