Monkey trouble at new resort in Chalong

PHUKET: A brand-new boutique resort in Chalong is having trouble with local monkeys disturbing its guests.

Wildlife officers set up a trap in the hope of catching one of the intruding monkeys. Photo: Khao Phra Thaew Non-Hunting Area

Pongchat Chouehorm, Chief of the Nature and Wildlife Education Centre at the Khao Phra Thaew Non-Hunting Area in Thalang, and fellow wildlife officers inspected the Noku Phuket resort in Soi Sai Nam Yen, Chalong, yesterday (Sept 13).

Management of the new resort, which has 91 villas and lofts, explained the issues they were having with local macaques on the resort grounds and their attempts to enter the guests’ accommodation.

Mr Pongchat said that his office laid out some ground rules that guests must follow. “They absolutely must not give the monkeys any food,” he said.

“Do not leave food waste outside the room while waiting for it to be collected as that only attracts wild animals to come down to eat the food scraps,” he added.

“Also, we ask for the cooperation of employees to help inspect the grounds to make sure leftover food and scraps collected remain well kept away inside the hotel,” Mr Pongchat said.

The hotel management immediately notified its staff of the rules. and will inform its guests, he said.

While at the resort, the officers inspected the garbage collection facilities on site to ensure they did not invite other wild animals to come to dine for free.

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Officers set up some traps in the hope of snaring some of the intruders.

“These rules will be used as a guideline for hotels in or near hilly areas or near mangrove forests to prevent attracting wildlife into their resort areas,” Mr Pongchat said.

Growing wild monkey populations in Phuket in years past have inspired masss-terilisation campaigns, and even the shipping off of troupes of monkeys to islands offshore (see stories here and here).

Officials have issued numerous warnings that monkeys can be dangerous and can carry communicable disease from monkeys to humans.

A Russian tourist suffered a serious monkey bite at Khao Toh Sae late in 2019, and in 2018 signs were posted at key sites where tourists and local residents interact with wild monkeys, warning people to “Beware monkey attack” and to not feed wild monkeys or tease them with food.


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