More than 1.5 tonnes of floating trash cleared from Phuket canal

PHUKET: A new boat fitted with a scoop for collecting floating trash and other debris has cleared more than 1.5 tonnes of waste floating in the canal near the Phuket fishing port on the east side of Phuket Town.

The boat, called “Tor Chor 02”, is operated by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, reported Rassada Municipality.

The boat was recently brought into service to clear the floating waste plaguing the waters in the Tha Jeen Canal, separating Koh Siray from Phuket. The area is also home to Phuket’s busy fishing port.

Rassada Mayor Nakarin Yosangrat conducted an inspection tour of the boat’s capabilities last Friday (Dec 17), as the Tha Jeen Canal is within Rassada Municipality’s area of administration.

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During the outing the boat scooped up 1,578.24kg of floating waste, mostly organic waste, plastic and glass beverage bottles, and plastic bags, Rassada Municipality noted.

All the trash collected from the canal was handed over to Rassada Municipality to dispose of properly.

The boat and crew are continuing their efforts to clear the canal.

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