‘No one’ from the ABC can explain why they funded Louise Milligan’s legal bills

LNP Senator James McGrath says no one from the ABC has been able to explain why taxpayers’ money was used to defend Louise Milligan’s defamation case over tweets made from her own Twitter account.

More than $200,000 was spent defending and making a payment on behalf of the journalist after she used her private account to defame Liberal MP Andrew Laming.

“The ABC have until midday on Monday to provide a ream of documents in relation to how they operate in this legal space,” Mr McGrath told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“I sadly expect the ABC will use all sorts of tricky and chicanery to not provide the documents and I think that’s disappointing and wrong.”

“No one from the ABC has been able to adequately explain why they supported a journalists’ legal bills in relation to her private Twitter account – that’s just not on.”

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