NSW government failed to introduce life-saving disaster response technology

A Sky News investigation has revealed the New South Wales government has failed to introduce a revolutionary communications technology across all its disaster response agencies.

The investigation shows the government has been aware of the technology for at least eight years and rolled it out to Rural Fire Service in 2019.

It has not been passed onto to all agencies despite the brief of the NSW Resilience Commission to work closely with the RFS and SES to minimise the impact of bushfires and floods – such as the Lismore disaster.

Although Resilience NSW Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons oversaw the introduction of the technology into the RFS, he was unable to recall it when asked.

Developer Kathleen Kenny says she would like to see her technology deployed in the SES and it would be a “quick win” for the government if they were to roll it out.

“It is frustrating, we’re talking about something that saves time, money and lives,” she told Sky News Australia.

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