Phuket drug raids land 9kg of ‘ice’, more than 54k meth pills

PHUKET: Police have seized more than 9kg of crystal meth (ya ice) and more than 54,000 methamphetamine pills (ya bah) in separate raids in Chalong and Cherng Talay.

A Thalang Police operation saw Worakorn ‘Jay’ Phisan, 36, of Moo 1, Srisoonthorn, arrested at the parking lot behind the HomePro store in Moo 8, Chalong, said a report released by Thalang Police yesterday (Apr 28).

The operation was led by Acting Capt* Supapot La-ongsakul of the Thalang Police, noted the report, which credited the operation to no less than 10 senior officers, including Phuket Provincial Police COmmander Sermphan Sirikiong.

After placing Worakorn under arrest, subsequent raids of two homes in Moo 5, Srisoonthorn found Worakorn in possession of a “Thai-made” firearm with a four-inch-long barrel made to fire .38 bullets.

Officers also seized 5.494kg of ya ice, 40,400 ya bah pills and 70 tablets of ecstasy.

The report marked that officers also seized two ammunition magazines, one of which was loaded with seven .38 bullets. Officers also separately seized as evidence nine .22 bullets.

The paraphernalia seized in the raids included two digital scales, two wooden cabinets that required a key card to open, and the key card to open them, as well as a book containing records of his drug transactions, an assortment of plastic bags and a Samsung mobile phone.

Workaorn was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a Category 1 narcotic (amphetamine, ice and ecstasy) with intent to sell, possession of an illegal firearm and illegal possession of ammunition, the report noted.

Meanwhile in Cherng Talay, officers led by Lt Col Phit Thongto of the Phuket Provincial Police seized 3.534kg of ya ice and 14,000 tablets of ya bah in a separate raid.

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The drugs were seized after four people were placed under arrest outside a house near a transport company office in Soi Khoktanode 10, Moo 6, Cherng Talay, said a separate report issued by Phuket Provincial Police yesterday.

The four were named as Pongphat ‘Nad’ Puttharaksa, 24, and Nuttawut ‘Boy’ Klongsurin, 28, both living in Moo 6, Cherng Talay, along with Miss Yanin ‘Kik’ Nuchaikong, 26, from Uttaradit province and Ms Patcharin ‘Pop’ Boonyam, 28, from Kantang District in Trang province.

In placing the four under arrest officers seized as evidence a Phuket-registered Honda Wave 110i motorbike valued at about B20,000, said the report.

The four were taken into custody and charged with possession of a Category 1 narcotic with intent to sell, the report confirmed.

Back in Chalong, a 59-year-old man from Sisaket Province was arrested in Soi Ta-iad.

Roongruang ‘Dee’ Patikbutr was arrested in front of the All Time House rented room accommodation. A search of his room found him in possession of 24 ya bah pills.

Roongruang was taken to Chalong Police Station and charged with possession of a Category 1 narcotic with intent to sell, the report confirmed.

* A term used by Royal Thai Police indicating that the officer has been approved the rank but that the officer attaining rank had yet to be formalised by proclamation

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