Phuket lottery millionaire receives his winnings

PHUKET: The Phuket man who won B18-million on the Lottery Plus on Friday (Apr 1) has already received his windfall in cash from the organisers.

Panuwat Santipitak of No Sai Thong Village in Ratsada selected the winning ticket 970618, the final three numbers being those that corresponded to the registration plate of his pick-up truck and claimed the winning ticket in the draw on Friday.

The win came as a welcome relief for the 38-year-old who admitted he had spiralled into close to B10mn worth of debt in recent years. He added that even though he had managed to pay off much of the debt having worked numerous jobs over the last few years such as food delivery services, general laundry services and working a market stall, that he would now be able to clear the deficit thanks to his lottery win.

Mr Panuwat’s windfall was delivered in cash by the lottery organisers who arrived at his house in Ratsad in a red Ferrari around 5:45pm yesterday. They also delivered a hard copy of the winning ticket as Mr Panuwat had purchased his winning one online.

The atmosphere at Mr Panuwat’s house was understandably celebratory with various friends and family joining to congratulate him and welcome the lottery representatives and his winnings.
Mr Panuwat said he regularly buys two or three Lottery Plus tickets containing the numbers 8618 that correspond to the registration plate of the new pick-up truck he bought last year.

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Once he had purchased the ticket, he visited various temples, including Wat Ta Khai Nakhon Si Thammarat and Wat Phra That Doi Kham, to make merit and pay respects to Thao Vejsuwan in the hope of fostering good luck.

“It is a common practice for people to buy tickets contaiing numbers that relate to something personal or that have special meaning or sigificance,” Mr Panuwat commented.

“I regularly buy the ticket with the same numbers as my car registration and then just hope and dream. This time, however, fortune was on myside as the winning number was drawn.”

When asked what he intended to do with his winnings Mr Panuwat said he initially planned to build a better house for him and his family to live in. He also said that he would be sensible and not squander the money on unnecessary things, adding that he has learned his lesson from the sizeable debt he amassed a few years ago.

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