Police hunt man for violent mugging of German TV presenter

PHUKET: Police have now jumped into action over Cathy Hummels, wife of German football star Mats Hummels, being mugged on a beach in Khok Kloi, just north of Phuket on the mainland.

Phuket Provincial Police at 11:49pm last night (Feb 9) responded to a report by Thai-language Daily News Online featuring the headline, “Shock! Hummels’ wife robbed in Phuket”.

The story noted in its report, “Cathy Hummels, wife of Mats Hummels, was attacked and mobile phone stolen on Phuket Island.”

Phuket Provincial Police noted that police in Phuket were ordered to investigate the incident, but found that no police stations in Phuket had received any reports of the attack.

Not mentioned in the Phuket Provincial Police announcement was that the attack occurred in Phang Nga, immediately north of Phuket. That news as confiremd by Lt Gen Amphon Buarabporn, Commander of Region 8 Police, based at the north end of the island.

“Therefore, I would like to ask everyone who reads the news to acknowledge that Phuket Province under the supervision of the police while Maj Gen Sermphan Sirikong is the commander of the Phuket Provincial Police, I assure you that Phuket is always safe for people and tourists.” the notice read.

The attack occurred on Natai Beach at about 9pm on Feb 5, Lt Col Parusk Masmalai, Deputy Chief of the Khok Kloi Police, confirmed.

Ms Hummels was attacked about 800 metres from the Aleenta resort, where she was staying.

An unknown man approached Ms Hummels and punched her several times, knocking her to the sand.

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After Ms Hummels screamed that she had no money, the man grabbed her phone ‒ which Thai reports have noted well was an iPhone 12 Pro Max ‒ and then fled.

Ms Hummels suffered bruising in the attack, Lt Col Parusk noted.

Ms Hummels was unable to give any description of identifying features of the man who attacked her as it was too dark to see clearly, he added.

Ms Hummels marked that she just wanted to leave on her flight back to Germany, via Dubai, which departed at 12:10am, Lt Col Parusk also reported.

She assigned a local translator to pursue charges on her behalf.

Police are continuing their investigation in the hope of finding her attacker.

Ms Hummels, who described her experience as a “nightmare”, had been in the area filming as a TV presenter for the show “Battle of the Reality Stars”.

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