Puerto Rican Teachers Granted Pay Raise After Protests in Capital

The Governor of Puerto Rico announced permanent increases to teacher pay and a commitment to improve retirement terms on February 10, after protests which saw up to 70 percent of public school teachers leave their classrooms. Footage uploaded by Osman Perez Mendez shows teachers and other public-sector workers marching in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on February 10. Following a meeting with protest leaders on February 10, Gov Pedro Pierluisi announced via Twitter that he had “reiterated his commitment” to teachers through a $1,000 per month salary increase and a $2,700 increase to base pay, as well as opening dialogue on pay progression and better retirement conditions. Local media reported that the $1,000 monthly pay increase for teachers, which had initially been promised until 2024, was made permanent. Credit: Osman Pérez Méndez via Storyful

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