Russia-Ukraine war: Moskva images emerge

The ship, which was made in Ukraine during the time of the Soviet Union, could typically carry 16 long-range cruise missiles. Its removal from combat greatly reduces Russia’s firepower in the Black Sea.

It first gained notoriety after it bore down on Snake Island, south of Odesa, in February, as Russia launched its invasion. The warship issued a demand to Ukrainian border guards to surrender.
In phrase that has become emblematic of Ukrainian defiance, one replied: “Russian military ship, go f*** yourself.”

Moscow said last week that all the Moskva’s 500 crew members were evacuated from the ship, but has not said if there were casualties. Ukraine has claimed that First Rank Captain Anton Kupri was killed during the blast.

Three days after the incident Russia has released a video showing Admiral Nicolai Yevmenov addressing about 100 officers and sailors, standing to attention in dress uniform.

It is not clear when the silent footage was filmed, but one of the officers resembles Captain Kupri.
The defence ministry quoted Yevmenov as saying that the crew were in Sevastopol, the Moskva’s home port, and that officers and midshipmen from the cruiser would remain in service.

But The Times of London reported that a woman on Russian social media appeared to confirm the death of her husband, midshipman Ivan Vakhrushev, 41, on the Moskva. A picture of a man in uniform was captioned: “Our hero! He died fulfilling his duty. He fought to his last breath to save the ship.”

The woman also said that 27 crew members were missing. The claims could not be independently confirmed and the account was later made private.

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