Russia: Zelensky says Ukraine ‘will not accept any outcome’ besides ‘victory’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared that he will only accept “victory” against Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared that he will only accept “victory” against Russia.

Mr Zelensky was interviewed by Fox News host Bret Baier on Friday night, touching on a wide variety of topics, including what a victory looks like for Ukraine and what Putin is hoping to achieve.

Baier asked the Ukrainian leader at the start of the interview how he believes the “war will end” prompting an explanation from Zelenskyy that only “victory” will be acceptable to his country.

“A victory of truth means a victory for Ukraine and Ukrainians,” Mr Zelensky said through an interpreter. “The question is when it will end. That is a deep question. It’s a painful question. Besides victory, the Ukrainian people will not accept any outcome.”

Baier then asked what Mr Zelensky was “willing to agree to” in order to secure a peace deal and specifically brought up the possibility of ceding Ukrainian territory to Russia.

“We do not trade our territory,” Mr Zelensky responded. “The question of territorial integrity and sovereignty is out of discussion.”

Mr Zelensky said that his country was looking for commitments from “leading nations” that Ukraine’s security will be protected with a treaty if it is to agree to a de-escalation with Russia and reiterated his belief that Ukraine would be a beneficial addition to NATO.

“It’s hard for us to talk about NATO because NATO doesn’t want to admit us,” Mr Zelensky said.

“I think it’s a mistake because if we join NATO, we make NATO much stronger. We are not a weak state. We are not proposing to make us stronger at the expense of NATO … We are an addition, we are the locomotive. I think we are one of the important components of the European continent.”

The Ukrainian President added that he has spoken with US President Joe Biden and told him he would like to see the United States included in a security agreement that would provide long-term support for Ukraine to address the possibility Russia would to invade again in the future.

Mr Zelensky said that the United States was “considering this proposition”.

When asked what Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to gain in this conflict, Mr Zelensky said that Mr Putin wants whatever the West will give to him and that “appetites usually grow”.

“The more you give them the more their appetite grows,” Mr Zelensky said, adding that Mr Putin will continue his aggression in Europe beyond Ukraine and will get what he wants “unless he is stopped” now.

Mr Zelensky told Baier that “everybody must know that if we are pressed in a corner” the Ukrainian military “will answer with full strength”.

Baier and Mr Zelensky also touched on the accusations from Russian officials that Ukraine attacked an oil depot inside Russia using helicopters.

“Did you launch an attack on a Russian military depot on Russian soil using helicopters?” Baier asked Mr Zelensky.

“I’m sorry I do not discuss any of my orders as commander in chief,” Mr Zelensky responded. “The leader of this state. There are things which I only share with military armed forces of Ukraine and when they talk with me.”

“What matters for us is that you and the whole world should know that we are a country at war,” Mr Zelensky continued.

“We were attacked. That is what matters. That is the biggest tragedy. And today, to hear those reports about something happening someplace something exploded while there is war in Ukraine — honestly it’s not professional to talk about it. They occupied our territory. They attacked us. This war going on for eight years so whatever happens in a certain situation it’s hard for me to comment.”

Baier asked Mr Zelensky whether he believes that President Biden “wants” Ukraine to win or if his administration harbours “fear” of what Mr Putin’s reaction will be if he loses.

“I have faith that President Biden, like any true American citizen, believes and wants the truth to win,” Mr Zelensky said. “And the truth is on the side of Ukraine. I believe they want the values that make our nations closer to win.”

Mr Zelensky added that his military does not want bullet-proof vests and special helmets but would prefer heavy weaponry.

“Just give us missiles, give us airplanes, you cannot give us F18 or F19 or whatever you have, give us old Soviet planes,” Mr Zelensky said. “That’s all. Give them into my hands. Give me something to defend my county with.”

At the close of the interview, Baier asked Mr Zelensky about comparisons some have made between him and Winston Churchill.

“God chooses what we can endure, and I think this was not by chance,” Mr Zelensky said. “I know we will stand through this.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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