Schoolgirl raped in a school dormitory in front of friends

A 17 year old girl was raped in front of her friends by a 15 year old boy while she was in a Covid-19 quarantine dormitory at Rajaprajanugroh 57 School in the central province of Phetchabun. When the teenager filed a complaint to the school’s director, he allegedly told her to accept compensation, agree the sex was consensual, and move to another school to protect the school’s reputation.

Unhappy with the school director’s attitude the teenage girl’s 43 year old aunt reported the incident to the Thai media yesterday.

The aunt revealed that the school director asked her and her niece to agree to a settlement and leave to protect the school’s reputation.

The victim informed the media that five other female students were also sexually assaulted but were afraid to speak out to the police.

The teenager made it known that the rapes took place over two days, on August 23 and August 24, in a school dormitory where more than 30 female students stayed.

One female student, who was older than her, let four male students into the dormitory on August 23 at midnight. The four men had sex with some female students and then left.

The following day at 11pm, six more male students returned to the dormitory. One of the group tried to rape her but she escaped his clutches and ran to a friend for protection. Her friend was frightened she might get raped so refused to help.

The teenager went back to her bed and the boy returned and raped her in front of the other students.

She told the director she resisted and didn’t consent but he insisted that she had and told her to tell her family the same story.

The school director then notified her aunt that she broke a school rule by having sex with a male student. The official did say the school would provide a contraceptive injection if she moved to another school to study and accept some compensation.

The aunt said she reported the incident to the Ministry of Education and filed a complaint at Mueng Phetchabun Police Station on August 15.

The police asked the teenage girl to get a physical examination and return with the result as evidence.

Police added they were investigating the allegation.

SOURCE: Channel 7 | Thairath


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