Simple question ‘a child could answer’ leaves Department of Health Secretary ‘dumbfounded’

A simple question asked by Liberal Senator Alex Antic, which a “child could answer”, left Secretary of the Department of Health Brendan Murphy dumbfounded, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Following Mr Antic’s question about the definition of a woman, the room of health bureaucrats fell silent before refusing to answer.

“These people have no qualms about imposing draconian restrictions like closing Australia’s borders, even to Australian citizens, to prevent the spread of a virus, but they are too scared to tell you what a woman is,” Ms Panahi said.

“No longer can we pretend that the influence of this insidious radical gender theory is only evident in the UK and US.

“It has taken hold right here in Australia to such an extent that senior health bureaucrats are too terrified to answer that simple question, what is a woman.”

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