Standard taxi fee of 45-50 baht agreed but more at Thai airports

A taxi fare increase of about 45 to 50 baht was proposed by drivers in Thailand yesterday while standing or idling in traffic is expected to be fixed at about five baht per minute.

The President of the Thai Public Taxi Association, Sadit Jaitiang, reported yesterday that the association met with the Deputy Director of the Land Transport Department, Sirirat Weerasarn, to discuss the new Thai taxi fares.

Sadit said there were four relevant departments at the meeting, including Suvarnabhumi Taxi Coordination Association, and Electric Taxi Association, and every association debated the fare increase.

Sadit revealed they proposed the new fares to the Land Transport Department according to the details below:

  • 1,600 to 1,800 cc taxi cars: The basic fee starts at 45 baht
  • 2,000 cc taxi cars: The basic fare starts at 50 baht
  • For both types of taxi cars:
    • A journey from 2 to 20 kilometres costs 10 baht/kilometre
    • A journey from 21 to 40 kilometres costs 11 baht/kilometre
    • A journey from 41 to 60 kilometres costs 12 baht/kilometre
    • A journey of 61 kilometres onward cost 13 baht/kilometre
  • In a jam when taxi cars move about 25 kilometres per hour, the fare will cost five baht per minute
  • A service charge for taxi service in airports is 75 to 90 baht according to the size of the car and engine

According to the report, the Land Transport Department acknowledged the request and said it would consider the fares at a future meeting. The department will meet with the associations again at the beginning of October to conclude and set the fare rate.

Sadit added that some people urged the Thai taxi drivers to improve their service if they wanted fare increases. Sadit said the Land Transport Department has to support, encourage, and host training to train taxi drivers.

SOURCE: Khaosod


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