Taliban elite send daughters overseas for ‘good education’

Afghanistan has been ravaged by poverty since the Taliban completed their seizure of power in August last year. Millions of children suffer malnutrition, according to the World Health Organisation, while the United Nations has warned that 97 per cent of Afghans are set to live below the poverty line.

The Taliban has banned girls in Afghanistan from attending school beyond the age of 12 in more than two-thirds of the country’s 34 provinces.

However, some militants are said to be concerned with the impact of school closures in Afghanistan on their children’s futures.

“The Iqra system is very good for Taliban who are looking to educate their boys and girls,” a Taliban official in Pakistan reportedly told the AAN.

“It’s an Islamic educational system that teaches both modern school subjects and madrassah subjects.

“Most of our friends were looking for this kind of mixed system, and after this system was established in some cities like Karachi and Quetta, they were sending their boys and girls to these schools.”


Other Taliban officials in Afghanistan have clandestinely enrolled their daughters in private schools and universities where they take lessons in subjects considered foreign, including English and computer literacy.

Telegraph, London

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