The ACE Radio network has new stations for you

The ACE Radio network expands its reach tonight at 7pm (local time) with three of the country’s most iconic metro radio brands joining its stable of 18 radio stations in Victoria and NSW.

The new stations, 2UE 954 in Sydney, Brisbane’s 4BH 1116 and Magic 1278 in Melbourne are set to join ACE Radio’s existing metro asset 3MP 1377 in Melbourne.

Family-owned by Rowly and Judy Paterson, ACE CEO Mark Taylor says the changes offer Australia’s 55+ listening audience something new across the east coast.

“Australia’s Boomers are a force, economically, culturally and more than ever, technologically. These people know what they want and what they don’t. They make up the majority of spending and investing in this country so to us, that’s an audience worth investing in,” Taylor said.


The three new stations are on the AM band.

“Consumers use different radio platforms for different needs across their day. If your programming is good, the audience will find you. The take up of DAB and streaming has been incredible with more people now listening than ever before, via non-traditional platforms,” Taylor said.

The new stations will be available on AM, DAB+, the radio App and also each station has its own individual app. Listeners can also listen via the station’s websites.

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