Travellers can register for the Thailand Pass no less than 24 hours before their trip

For those planning a trip to Thailand, travellers will need to register for the required Thailand Pass QR code no less than 24 hours before a trip, but the Thai government is highly recommending that travellers register and plan a trip at least seven days in advance as the processing time before approval can take three to seven days.

For those who are travelling to Thailand for an emergency or urgent situation, send a request and relevant documents to testgo@consular.go.th to expedite the registration process for the Thailand Pass.

Checklist for those registering to enter under the Test & Go quarantine exemption scheme…

  • Copy of a passport and relevant pages such as visa and re-entry stamps.
  • Proof of vaccination against Covid-19.
  • Insurance with a minimum coverage of US$50,000. (Not required for Thais or foreign residents who are covered by social security.)
  • A paid booking for two nights in an alternative quarantine hotel, or hotel with a SHA+ certification from the Safety and Health Administration. (On Day 1 and Day 5 for PCR testing). It’s recommended that accommodation, airport transfer, and PCR test costs be paid and booked together.

To register for a Thailand Pass to enter the country under the Test & Go, Sandbox, or Alternative Quarantine scheme, go to https://tp.consular.go.th/.


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