UPDATE: Cybercrime police charged in kidnap for ransom plot, 2 former officers suspected

The Royal Thai Police arrested two officers from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, or CCIB, on Sunday for allegedly kidnapping a gambling couple and their child last week. The wife claimed that officers from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau kidnapped her and her family for ransom, after winning 2 million baht from online gambling.

The woman said that she, her husband and their 11-year-old child were kidnapped by a group of 15 people, including the cyber police officers. She said she gave the gang 400,000 baht and an amulet valued at 250,000 baht to be set free.

Royal Thai Police launched an investigation, in which they found evidence resulting in their issuing an arrest warrant for two cyber police officers and four other suspects. In addition, authorities shared they found two more former police officers, who had previously been expelled, were also involved in the kidnapping case and would summon them for questioning.

The first suspected, inspector police Kom Rodpao, surrendered on Saturday, according to the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau. Another suspected officer, Apisit Chasanteer, also surrendered yesterday, but refused all charges. They are being held in custody without bail for further questioning.

The authorities also issued the arrest warrants for four other suspects among the 15 person gang who hadn’t yet contacted the police to surrender or be questioned. Moreover, the Deputy Commissioner shared that there has been many developments in the investigation, while the gambler and her family were expected to be questioned again for more details.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the authorities would give justice to every party. Even if the money came from illegal gambling, kidnapping for a ransom like this was considered wrong and inappropriate. The gambling case would be handled separately at a later date. He also ensured the safety of the victims and urged residents to trust the investigation process.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Thairath | Siamrath


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