Wandering calf killed by car on bypass road

PHUKET: A young calf was killed on the bypass road last night (Apr 4) after it was startled and ran in front of a man driving home with his two children asleep in the car.

Phuket City Police and Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers were called to the scene, near the IKEA store in Moo 5 Rassada, at 10pm.

The officers arrived to find a white sedan with heavy damage to its front, and the male calf dead by the side of the road.

The driver, named by police only as “Mr Jump”, said that he was driving home with his two children asleep in the car when he saw a mother and calf walking by the side of the road.

As he neared them, the calf appeared to have been startled and ran out in front of his car.

Mr Jump said he had no time to avoid hitting the calf, which he said died instantly.

His two children were shocked by the experience, but otherwise unharmed, he said.

Mr Jump said that he looked around and saw many other cows in the field beside the road, but he could not find anyone who might have been tasked with looking after them.

He believed the mother and calf had just wandered away from the herd.

Police said they will investigate who the calf belongs to so Mr Jump may proceed to claim compensation for the damage done to his car.

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