Whale sharks spotted off Koh Pha Ngan in South Thailand

Environmentalists spotted a pair of whale sharks off South Thailand’s island of Koh Pha Ngan. Members of the Phangan Sea Guardian Association had gone diving when they spotted two of the gentle giants.

The association’s president said that one whale shark was four metres long, while the other was six metres long. The VP, Sittiroj Kaewnongsameta, told The Phuket Express…

“This shows that the sea has plentiful marine resources. Pha Ngan Island not only has the famous full moon party but also has beautiful underwater scenery too.”

As an endangered species, Whale sharks are protected under Thailand’s wildlife conservation and have importance for marine resources. They are slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet sharks and the largest known fish species.

Just last month, the carcass of a male whale shark washed up on Long Beach on Koh Lanta Island. Officials made it known that this is a first for Krabi, no dead whale sharks had washed ashore before. The report added that many whale sharks had been spotted swimming in the Krabi waters and many tourists came to the area to see them.

On occasion, whale sharks have popped up in other areas of Thailand too. Last year, a whale shark made a rare appearance near Pai island off Pattaya.

The recent whale shark siteing in Koh Pha Ngan comes just days after a pod of dolphins was spotted at Maya Bay, which has been closed for environmental restoration. These sitings remind us that Thailand’s beautiful wildlife is worth preserving.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express


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